19 October, 2009

Kalashnikovs, Beards, Turbans and the Pakistani Army

New York Times reports on October 19, 2009 : "Gen. David H. Petraeus, who oversees the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as head of the United States Central Command, arrived in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, on Sunday to consult with the nation’s civilian and military leaders".

This was regarding the ongoing operations in South Waziristan

The army said in a statement on Sunday that 60 militants had been killed, and 5 Pakistani soldiers had died in the fighting so far. About 85,000 people have been displaced since last month.

The chief Taliban spokesman, Azam Tariq, said in a telephone call to reporters in Peshawar that the “army has launched attacks from all sides.” He said the militants had killed 60 soldiers.

USA has given F-16s & imaging systems to the Pak Army for its operations. Ha ! Shall they be used against India ? Old wine in a new bottle !

Are the NATO forces in Afghanistan shouldering the onus or is the Pak Army acting as its franchisee ?

"1,500 Uzbeks centered around the village of Kaniguram" are the most feared soldiers on the Taliban side.

Right from Shaibani Khan Uzbek who tormented Babur, the empire builder of the 16th century; to the Uzbeks of Wana (capital of South Waziristan) : these Central Asian tribes have been formidable.

Want to know against whom Shaibani Khan Uzbek finally capitulated ? ::::::
It was Shah Ismail of Persia.

It would require no post gradutae degree to conclude that Persia is today's Iran.


Oh! one more ::: Shaibani was decapitated by Ismail.

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