29 October, 2009

Good Men or Madcaps ??

No Sorry business. I could not communicate (through the blog) to the 'world', at least to my friends and well-wishers for the last couple of days. I am really unaware if the world has progressed (or regressed) in the last forty-eight hours. Pakistan is bleeding under its own past deeds and India is reeling under the colourful banner of 'vermilion'. May be Obama is deeply thinking in the White House about Afghanistan, Iran, Honduras and how to make his Nobel 'compatible' with his future policies.

The "post-colonial" society has probably veered towards psychosomatic disorders or may be I am being cynical. The situation is such that we don't really expect to hear about, far unrealistically expect to 'meet'; men (read women too : "Sijda" to the feminists) of wisdom who shower 'wisdom' for free.

Nonetheless, 'madcaps' still do exist. And Kolkata has been a city (read an 'urban disaster') to have produced many such 'madcaps'; most of them passing into oblivion and only some of them making to the pages of documentation.

One among those 'few' madcaps is P.K. Banerjee : the legendary soccer player who represented his nation at the highest level. And today was he babbling stentorianly. Walked across one of the uneven meadows of our conurbation, albeit invited but not quite expected to arrive without being offered pecuniary benefits.

But there he was, inspiring the youth with all his wisdom and experience. A Septuagenarian, even the youth could not fathom the man, terming him a 'madcap'.

Surely, the society has veered.

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