21 October, 2010

Will Pakistan's queer diplomacy work?

by Uddipan Mukherjee

published in The Indian Defence Review



  1. US to give $2 billion in defence "aid" to Pakistan.


  2. The 2.21 bn aid may be interpreted in the following manner :

    1. a rhetorical diplomacy before Obama visits India : to keep the latter on its toes

    2. war on terror has become 'war of ego' for the US....& to erect a facade of victory,, pakistan military has to be coaxed

  3. With all due respect, the Indian diplomacy has failed here. A country like Israel is able to twist arms, affecting US foreign policy to ridiculous degrees through AIPAC. (Which BTW, I don't agree at all.) In comparison, there is no Indian lobby existing affecting US foreign policy in any meaningful way. And the Indian government is showing its same old "asleep at the wheel" strategy letting this happen.

    Very disappointing indeed.

    As if this isn't enough,


    US announcing record $60 billion weapons deal with the rogue nation of Saudi Arabia. Can things get more depressing? These Obama/Hillary Clinton have no idea what they're doing. They are following a singular policy of isolating Iran. It's as if they've their blinders on; dumping military aid in neighboring Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to put pressure on Iran. It's a horror scenario. Indian government should have done everything possible not letting any such Pakistan aid happen.