15 May, 2010

Phew,,,,,,,,,,have a look!

In fact, though I can’t claim such a wonderful similarity as Michael Spacek, nevertheless:

“Now, who are the protagonists in this war? Activists and sympathizers say the tribals are spearheading the movement whereas the ruling elite castigate a group of ‘hoodlums’ termed as the Maoists to be behind this mayhem. The sleeping power structures of India have been forced to wake up and take into cognizance the increasing ‘threat scenario’ lurking around the socio-political dimensions of the nation.”

(http://www.boloji.com/analysis2/0591.html) (27th April 2010)


“Who are the Maoists? On the one hand, India’s Prime Minister calls them India’s biggest internal security threat and the Home Ministry tells us that they are merciless killers who want to overthrow the state. Meanwhile, left-wing intellectuals and sympathizers glamorize them and garland them as idealistic revolutionaries who are fighting to build a more just and inclusive society.”

(Rakesh Mani on 05 May 2010,http://opinionasia.com/RedAlertMaoist)

for the origin of the fun, please see : http://naxalwar.wordpress.com/2010/05/09/imitation-is-the-highest-form-of-flattery/#comment-170


  1. the criticism seems to have worked........
    Rakesh Mani's article has vanished from Open Democracy


  2. Well, things are not that straight forward as it appeared prima facie,,,coz Rakesh Mani's article was published originally in the Dawn on 20 April 2010. Interestingly, he may now attack me for plagiarising, but then I guess both of us wrote the things independently, with similarities no doubt as pointed out in this blog. I had sent both my pieces (the longer one contains the similarity) to Newsline's editor Talib Qizilabsh on around 13th April 2010 but the shorter piece got published on 24th.

    So, no offences to anyone please.