05 March, 2010

Indian Democracy Overthrown by 2050?

Fri, Mar 5 08:50 PM

New Delhi, Mar 5 (ANI): Union Home Secretary G K Pillai said on Friday that the Maoists have formulated an agenda to overthrow the Indian democratic system by 2050.

Addressing a seminar on "Left Wing Extremism Situation in India", at the Institute of Defence Studies and Analysis Pillai said: Documents which were found revealed that the Maoist agenda was to overthrow the Indian state by 2050, possibly with the help of ex-Armymen."

Commenting over holding talks with the Maoists in the line of ongoing dialogue with Naga rebels, Pillai said: "Maoists were not serious about talks because they weren't under enough pressure to do so."

He also opined that unless they feel the heat they will not come for talks and whatever statement they were making about peace were not serious.

"Right now, Maoists were looking to regroup and build their own army towards their plans," he added.

Pillai further said that the Maoists were using administrative vacuum and under development to do such activities.

Home Secretary reiterated that development is the only mantra to fight back the Maoists menace.

He said even though the joint anti-Naxal operations were going on, the Naxals have not suffered any significant reverses so far and the government would need seven to eight years to have full control over the areas which were lost to the Maoists.

"The operations have not hit even five per cent of hardcore militants. The real armed cadres are yet to come out," Pillai said.

Earlier, Home Minister P Chidambaram had asked Maoists to abjure violence and asked them to contact for peace talks. (ANI)

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